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Remembering Garlic Gulch

This year we are conducting a new collection building and research project: Remembering Garlic Gulch. Our objective is to celebrate the cultural and economic contributions of the Italian-Americans who gave the name to this North Rainier Valley neighborhood, while also recognizing the roles of other cultural groups in the community during the 20th century, particularly families of Japanese, Jewish, African, and Greek ancestry. We aim to achieve a fair and balanced review of the area.

We are developing stories from this ever-growing archive of information. Look to the navigation bar on the left to see articles and slide shows we have posted.

To reach our objective we are actively seeking out photos, artifacts, and memories of the North Rainier District to fill in gaps in our collection and our understanding of this vibrant ever-changing community. Here's how you can help!

·       Share your memories with us by writing or emailing us at the addresses below.

·       Share your family photos. We'd love to see them! We are able to scan and return original photos, so no one loses out.

·       Nominate someone for an oral history interview.

·       Join our Oral History Task Force and help us conduct taped interviews. Some experience with oral history interviewing preferred.

·       Make a donation to help with the costs of archiving and displaying our Garlic Gulch collection. If you'd like to help, please send a check to the address below or use your PayPal account.


P O Box 18143

Seattle, WA 98118